Tuesday, October 22


Northside's premier DOG COSTUME & TRICK CONTEST is fast approaching. Bring your pups dressed in costumes to Dog-E-Dog's 2nd Annual "Howl-O-Ween" on Saturday, Oct 26 from 1-4pm at the McCarren Park dog run. 


We'll have contests, an amazing raffle, pet portraits, music and more. And don't be shy - humans are encouraged to wear costumes too! We're also accepting all sorts of toys, treats, food, blankets for please bring them down!

Awesome local sponsors include: Waggo, Lucky Dog, Greenpoint Veterinary Hospital, PS9 Pet Supply, Empire of the dog and many more...

Pet portraits from local artist Robyn Frank


Oh and please share and invite dog lovers on Facebook, Thanks!!

Friday, October 4

Friday, September 20

mission LOCAL ORGANIC BENCH: mostly accomplished

A few weeks ago Forestry came and cut down a bunch of dead/dangerous trees in our neighborhood {leaving remains ripe for the pickin...until of course Forestry comes back a few days later with a chain saw and wood chippers, turning this lumber into mulch!}. Well I saw this down tree on Bedford Ave, down near Lokal, and something twinkled inside of me, and I knew this wasn't just a down tree, it was so much more....

So, last Thursday I reached out to the McCarren Dog Runs Google Group {McDogrun, btw} and posted this facebook post on McCarren Dog Run Associations page.

 The cyber response was a bit underwhelming, I would say, but Meredith owner of Mousey Brown responded to the google group posting and she offered her hand truck. Awesome, but volunteers weren't exactly lining up....SO, on a crazy whim last Friday the 13th, I decided to spend a few hours devoting myself to this project, since time was ticking before the Forestry Monsters came to destroy our "benches".
I got the handcart from Meredith, who is a total doll btw, and darted over to see who was in the dog park, my plan was to approach strangers, explain my motivation, the urgency and ask for their help. When I arrived there were only a few people and this guy was willing to check it out and help me evaluate the situation. We determined that only one piece of the tree was feasible for me to handle without a team of volunteers. He helped me mount the log onto the handcart and then we split ways. I believe his name is Jeffrey, regardless of your name kind sir, you are awesome thank you soo much!
 This is local organic bench #1...probably about 300-400 pounds. I'm guessing.

Then this guy approached me, telling me he's been looking at this little block of wood that he thought would be great for seating too.....So, I went down and picked it up with the handcart. Local organic seat #2
As I was about to leave for the day, feeling pretty accomplished, some weird/stupid feeling of confidence took over me and I decided to see if I couldn't move that enormous chunk of trunk we'd been eyeing earlier but decided was too big....I wish I got a picture of the two huge dudes who helped me set up the handtruck. As they helped me lean the trunk back on Bedford Ave, they asked "are you sure?" and screamed "good luck" as I rolled away.

Here's where I give the DISCLAIMER {graphic photo below} and say that, I would not suggest doing such work on a whim, because you should always be prepared and wearing the proper clothing for the labor. As much as I am proud of my accomplishments last Friday, I am embarrassed that I didn't take the proper precautions by wearing gloves or sneakers. Especially being the 13th, I feel like I was inviting a snare. And surely enough, I would encounter a snare when the  handtruck started rolling a bit faster down a small slope, than I had adjusted for and the entire trunk came crashing down. As I pulled I away from the falling bench, my pinky finger got caught on the edge of the wood. and now I  had a new problems to deal with. My "bench" is down about 100 feet from the dog park {so close!}, my finger just got ripped open, I have to finish the job and move on.
So the first thing I do is get a paper towel and chunk of ice from the hot dog vendor who was right there. I applied pressure and ice on my walk over to Happy Dogs, where I know the owner {who is also on the board of McCarren Dog Run Association}. The lovely employee helped me bandage the wound  so I could go back out there and finish the job.
Well, I approached the down piece of wood knowing that I wouldn't be able to pick it up myself and I just stood there eyeing it and asking complete strangers if they could help me pick it up, so I could cart it over to the dog park. A few people said sorry and kept walking, until I saw this hulk biking by and I raised my voice "unless this guy can help me out..." and he stopped. I told him the story and he decided he would help me finish off the job.
When I showed my girlfriend a picture of this personal savior of mine, she said, "Jesus, you found Tom Brady?" Pretty much. Brett was an enormous help in not only assisting me lift the bench back up, but in guiding me to the dog park and spotting me. We even attempted to put the bench in the park...
...but that wasn't working with just 2 guys. We need to stand it up with the help of several people and shimmy it into the dog park.
 For now, this is where the bench lives...but at least we saved it from Forestry!
 Because on Monday they came and chopped up the remainder of this tree into mulch.

THIS JOB IS NOT DONE! We need volunteers to help move the bench into the park, where it can be enjoyed as I envisioned. So, if you are interested in helping me with the last leg of the project, please reach out and we can accomplish the mission! But it's going to take at least 5 strong individuals to move it safely and efficiently.  Please reach out to me if you can help this weekend, oh and bring gloves! ahaha.

Wednesday, July 17


Please sign this petition supporting Arlo's Law, which wants NY to grant hearings for dog-on-dog attacks, since NY state only currently grants hearings for dog-on-human attacks. 

We need to hold owner's legally accountable for their personal beasts. I'm not saying punish the dog, I'm saying hold the owner accountable. 

New York state is actually a bit archaic when it comes to bite law and needs to evolve.  summarizes NY's current status : 

New York needs to move into the 20th Century (it was in that century that most of the strict liability dog bite laws were enacted). Although it is thought of as a liberal state, New York's dog bite laws are almost exactly the same ones that were created in the 17th century by British judges for the quaint English countryside. The highest court of New York has even ruled that there is no such thing as dog owner negligence......

New York needs a strict liability law like that of nearby New Hampshire. The state of New Hampshire has a law pertaining to canine-inflicted injuries that covers any cause of damage by a dog, and applies to injuries to not only humans but also any form of property, including another dog or cat. 

Friday, June 21


Well, back by popular demand, Dog-E-Dog is hosting another boozy dog party next Wednesday.  Owners are encouraged to come with beverages, a camera and maybe a few bags {just in case}. This Greenpoint rooftop is a block away from McGolrick park and has a nice view of the city, but you may not soak it all in when there are 20 little psychos running around you. Can't wait!


Who:    Dog-E-Dog Clients
What:   BYOB Party!
When:  Wednesday June 26th, 7-9pm
Where: 169 Engert, rooftop
Why:    For Dog's Sake!

Thursday, June 13


You know Dog-E-Dog loves a good pet costume contest! And this weekend is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to shame your dogs into costumes or bring them along on the Wonder Wheel with you!

Friday, June 7

GP PUPPY DIES after being attacked

Please be aware and help spread the word about this terrible situation:

*IMPORTANT PLEASE READ AND REPOST* Last night just after 10pm my sister went to walk her dog, a pomeranian named Arlo. Right by the intersection of Manhattan and Freeman a man and two women were walking a white medium sized short haired mix who attacked Arlo. My sister pleaded with them for their information but they left without even saying "sorry". Arlo died in my car on the way to the vet. We are seeking ANY INFORMATION! It was Arlo's first birthday and he was viciously attacked by a clearly aggressive dog. Our fear is that this will happen again. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep your ears open Greenpointers. And be on the lookout for a white medium sized short haired mix. Be extra cautious when walking your small dogs. The fucked up thing is that my sister will probably have to see these horrible people. ALL WE ARE ASKING is help to find these people. We are not trying to blame the dog when clearly the owners and their negligence is to blame. A dog like that NEEDS to be muzzled. This was an unprovoked attack. We are utterly heartbroken.


Saturday, May 4

5K McCarren Run...with DOGS!

Hey Hey, Eric just registered to run this race whose proceeds help fund local after school programs and youth summer camps for children from lower income families. And in Dog-E-Dog fashion, Eric is going to run with as many dogs as he can! Please register yourself and come walk/run with your dog OR contact him about taking your dog for the Saturday jaunt...

Sunday, April 7


Yesterday afternoon this dog tragically went missing. Around 3pm near S.2'nd & Bedford Ave., the dog was struck by a car and in shock ran away frantically. I actually spoke with the owner. While out on a walk with 3 dogs, he stopped me to ask if I had seen his little pup...Unfortunately, I hadn't...but I gave him my card and said I would spread the message. Seeing the look in the owner's eyes broke my heart...and now I'm compulsively looking around for a little Australian Shepherd. Apparently she was seen today around 2pm near S.2'nd and Havemayer, so it seems like she is staying around that same area. Please, please please keep an eye and ear out for this pup.

Name: Yoko
Breed: Australian Miniature Shepherd
Gender: Female
Age 7 Months
Fur is brown with black dots, she has white paws and light blue eyes

If you have any information at all, please contact the owner Leeny: 646 673 4896

Sunday, March 10


Just working on basics during our petsitting visit, Conrad = such a good boy.

Wednesday, February 6


Design A Collar

We found Geralyn of on Etsy, when looking for new collars. Not just awesome leather products, but great customer service too. She was friendly and easy to work with. Plus the turn around time was about 5 days. Stoked on Lady and Hank's new Badass look!

Monday, December 31

Looking Back @dogedog 2012

Here's to you, the best clients in Northside!! Our business thrives on your continued support and referrals. Thank you soo much for a great year. Looking forward to 2013!